"brimming with surprise and grand adventure. brave, smart and full of heart, Madeline and ruby are a gust of fresh air."

Rebecca Stead

Mad’s dad is the Bird Guy. He’ll go anywhere to study birds. So when he’s offered a bird-tracking job in Central America, his bags are packed and he’s jungle-bound. But going bird-tracking in the jungle and disappearing completely are totally different things, and when the Very Strange and Incredibly Creepy Letter arrives, Mad can’t shake the terrible feeling that her father is in trouble. Mad’s younger sister, Roo, is convinced that the letter is a coded message. And their mom is worried, because the letter doesn’t sound like Dad at all. Mad is sure it’s a sign of something sinister. The only way to get to the bottom of it is to go to Lava Bird Volcano and find their dad themselves. But they never could have imagined what they’re about to discover …


"Though it’s not science fiction, there’s more than a little A Wrinkle in Time in this ecological adventure … Mad’s observations (and exasperation) are entertaining and true, in stark contrast to the lies, benevolent or otherwise, that the adults around her tell."
Publishers Weekly

"In her first novel for young readers, Phillips demonstrates a keen understanding of sibling dynamics as well as love for the lush tropical setting … this eco-adventure maintains its mystery and suspense right up to the end."
Kirkus Reviews

"Sensitive, absorbing, and beautifully written."
The L Magazine




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